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Are there any good ways to remove fleas from your ...

Are there any good ways to remove fleas from your pet and inside your home without having to use insecticides and chemicals. I have a small child and I would rather not have to use a bunch of chemicals.

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Diatomaceous earth is often used as a natural flea killer both inside the home and outside.  It's made from the crushed shells of microscopic creatures and comes in a very fine powder that you can dust on your carpet or upholstery and vacuum off.  It kills the fleas by cutting their outer shell so they dehydrate and die, and it is harmless to humans or pets but you should use safety gear (goggles and dust mask) while you're working with it.

Outdoors, keep the grass mowed fairly short and use some natural flea-repelling plants like lavender, mint, and eucalyptus, in your landscaping to deter fleas. 

Here is an article with some more natural flea control tips:


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Are there any natural or non chemical methods I can use to get rid of fleas on my dog and in our house and yard?

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