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How do our pets get ear mites? I read an article saying that you could use certain oils to get rid of the ear mites without going to the vet. I never try any home remedies on my pets. Has anyone ...

Cats and  dogs get ear mites by simply  going outside. They get them from the dirt and in  the dirt are mites so tiny  your  eye cannot see them. What you do see, is the  waste from these mites inside the  pets ears. Dogs that  have long  floppping ears like a cocker  spaniel or a bassett hound are more  bothered by them.  All pet ears need to be  cleaned by the  owners using a  cotton ball or  alcohol pad  and swabbing the inside of  the pets ears till the  swab  comes clean.   next, you put a couple drops of olive oil inside their ear and  rub  the botto  of the outside of the ear  to let the oil get into the ear.    then you can  leave it there till later on and  clean it with  more  cotton balls.   You've got to be really careful not to go  down too  deep  of you could puncture the pets eardrum causing pain to the pet, expense  to yourself and over  eagerness to clean is unnecessary.

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