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What are your thoughts on invisible fencing for a ...

What are your thoughts on invisible fencing for a dog in the yard? We want to get this but I want to know if it works or not first. How much training is needed for the dog?

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They work very well. Unless your dog is very hard headed. He will not come back over the fence once he has crossed it.


We had one some years back and they worked very well. If you spend a reasonable amount of time with your dog, you will not have to do very much at all. Leash him up and let him get close while you have it on something less than the dead, burnt bodies with veins in my teeth setting. When he realizes that he will be shocked if he continues to go toward to high frequency sound, he will stay within the boundaries.


I think that you will be very happy about every penny that you spent on this, Mickie.



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I agree with Jay for the most part.  Invisible fencing works really well most of the time and for most breeds.

I have very large dogs... so I wouldn't be comfortable with it myself.  My dog wouldn't hurt anyone but because of his size, he would scare the you know what out of someone and I feel it's my responsibility to never allow that to happen.  He weighs in at 110 lbs.

Not only that but if my dog really wanted across...he would go, pain or not (say a female in heat or someone walking by that he thought was threatening).

For most dogs, they work out fine....just not my breed (Rottweiler). Nor would I recommend it for other large breed dogs. 

Also, keep in mind that you may have a small dog that it works well for, but another larger dog may decide to bypass the shock system...It's not for everyone.  

Assess your situation and decide what is best for your circumstances.



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With proper knowledge and use, this could help in training and keeping dogs safe inside your perimeter. Better too if you ask advice from professional trainers on proper use of collars and fence, also this site has good information regarding it: http://www.petstreetmall.com/PIF-300.aspx

If used properly, they are much reliable and helpful, not only in keeping your dog away from safe home, but also on training them.. better too if you ask information first from trainers, also check out the information here:http://www.petstreetmall.com/PIF-300.aspx

In my experience it depends on the dog . 

 I have a friend who as found success with one for her german shepherd .  But I have also seen many dogs of all shapes and sizes go right through them especially if they are after someone or something that they deem to be threatening to their pack and turf .

Just as with horses some respect an electric fence and some never do .

 I would seek some professional advice to access the dogs personality type , training and trainability .  Then make a decision on what best fits your dogs needs as well as your own .

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