Is it normal for my diabetic dog to pant a lot

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Hi Jayne , I have a diabetic dog as well .  Is your dog on insulin , do you monitor the dogs blood sugar .  Could be that his/her blood sugar is high . Contact your vet and discuss this panting .  Other causes of excessive panting are cushings , kidney disease , hyperthyroidism as well as diabetes .  My dog is on insulin 18 units twice a day .  Anytime he starts to pant excessively I check his blood sugar and it is usually high .  He is on a special diet as well ... low carb .

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Only if he has run a long distance or is in DKA. Check a sugar and a ketone level.

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thank you for youre reply, yes my dog has 10  uniits twce a day shes been on it for 2 months now, as for takeing her blood sugar the vet was doing it, but he said we should start doiing t from monday. i diid mention her panting he said it could be shes getting used to the iinsilin, and  allso aksed should i change her diet he no just cut down on treats. may i ask what u feed youres please, iim really greatfull for any help u can give me thank you jayne xx

Hi Jayne , My dog eats a weight management feed ... low carb .  Your vet mentioned the treats due to them being loaded with carbs.  I feed my dog frozen vegetables mainly green beans along with his feed .  He's gotten use to them and loves them now .  My vet never mentioned panting as being a part of getting use to the insulin .  How are going to monitor the blood sugar , urine stick or blood monitor ?    I am surprised your vet didn't change your dogs feed .  I would ask him about this again .  Low carbs is the key as well as weight management .  Drinking an excessive amount of water , frequent urination and restlessness are signs of high blood sugar as well as panting in dogs .  I am getting a monitor and will draw the blood from pricking the ear .

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Jayne, when your dog's blood glucose is high, he will have a harder time regulating his body temperature.  The panting helps to cool him.  Just because he was put on a certain dose of insulin, does not mean that dose won't change.  You need to check him as often as he will allow or at least get a urine sample.  Try to keep a very set schedule of when and how much he eats, and make sure he gets exercise every day.  Any time you are concerned you should bring him to the vet so they can check his sugar.  If you are not comfortable doing it, it is their responsibility to help you until you are ready to do it on your own.  If you are not happy with your vet's level of concern, then find another vet.

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