I have a 4 month old pitbull (Phoenix). she'll be ...

I have a 4 month old pitbull (Phoenix). she'll be turning 5 months on december 24. she currently weighs 22.2 pounds. we feed her thrice a day. dog food in the morning, table food (she'll have whatever we have) mixed with dog food at noon and table food at night. I dont know if this is the ideal weight for a 4 month old pitbull? she seems relatively small compared to some pits i saw in some dog shows.  thanks.



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While this sounds like a good weight for a young pitbull, I have to mention that feeding table food to dogs can be extremely dangerous. The reason dogs shouldn't eat human food has has to do with the food itself and not the animals digestive tract. 

Dog food is formulated to be complete and balanced, unlike human food.  We are suppose to eat portions of each food group to get a complete and balanced diet.  Much of the foods humans typically eat are high in carbohydrates and fat (including cereal and milk).  Salads aren't bad as far as carbs and fat go, but there's not much nutrition in them either. 

If you insist on feeding table food to your dog, you should be aware of what's fairly good and what's bad for your dog. "Good table food" can include easily digestible foods such as cooked rice, boneless and skinless chicken or turkey, small bits of string cheese, well-cooked hamburger, fruits and veggies (like carrots, apples and green beans).

"Bad table food" includes fatty meats and spicy foods. These can result in an upset stomach, so it's best to avoid them. Never offer your dog bones, as they can cause digestive digestive problems and damage the teeth and mouth. Absolute no-nos include onions, coffee, tea, chocolate and grapes or raisins, which can be toxic/deadly to dogs.

As a rule of thumb, table food and other treats should make up no more than five to ten percent of your dog's daily intake. Should you overdo it, you may find him refusing his regular food, thereby failing to meet his nutritional requirements.

The best way to ensure that your dog receives proper nutrition is by offering a balanced, premium-quality canned or dry food. No matter what brand or variety you go with, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and take into account any special feeding requirements your pet may have. Young dogs need the nutrients found in puppy food. Special veterinary-prescribed formulas are also available for pets with kidney, urinary and heart problems.

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table food should NOT be the main source of food for your dog.  While you might give her rice when she has a stomach ache, it is not something you should do daily.  You should be feeding your dog PUPPY food, to help her grow.  And you should still be feeding her 3 times a day, but it should be PUPPY FOOD that you are feeding her.


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got my answer!

three days ago, I started shifting Phoenix' diet to purely dog food.



tre, I think your answer was GREAT.  The one think that you forgot to mention is that they should never feed their dog chicken bones!!!  Chicken bones are bad for dogs because they can not only choke a dog, but they can splinter when eaten and those sharp edges can cut up the dog's esophagus and stomach.  Chicken bones can actually cause dogs to seriously become hurt or, if they choked, they could die.

Im glad to hear that you switched your dog's food to Puppy food!  remember, 3 times a day, about a cup a day.  Once your dog turns a year old you can switch to adult dog food.


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Also, sugarless gum is DEADLY to dogs.  Her weight sounds about right, as I have a male Pit who is 5 months old and last month he was close to your dog's weight.  I agree, no table food.

I myself have a 12month old male named panda and he is about

60 or 65 pounds i feed him old roy complete i put him a pan down

 And put a scoop of food in it and i feed him a can of old roy at nite

And every morning i give him a vitamin and a half every morning i also get them from wal-mart and every once in awhile i will cook him a stake when we cook them then thats all he gets.Maybe if you feed her like that and gave her the vitamins it will help.....


Lora (pandasmomma)

My male Pit has TAKEN OFF as far as weight andl size.  He is now around 7 months, and I feed him dry Old Roy (I used to feed him perina, but it's too expensive!).  I have a female that is maybe 7 years, and she is DWARFED by him!  Phoenix will be smaller than a male, obviously, so don't worry.  My female weighs between 50 and 55 pounds.  But each dog is unique.  But that is a guage, I guess.

Depending on the bloodline PITBULLS range from 20lbs to 75lbs.  Some are very small, and many of them don't eat a whole lot.  They are very muscular dogs, but rarely get fat.

i have a 3 month old pit myself and shes now at 35.2 Lb... it all depends on the dog, some pits tends to be pretty fit and some wont just develop as fast as others. Just keep feeding her 3 times a day and walking her twice a day, try not to give her to feed her table food please!

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