How do you make a chil's stroller into a dog's stroller ??/

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Hi, I saw a guy once who had converted a child's stroller into a cat stroller.  It was one of the flat-bottomed ones.  He had taken mesh from window screens ( the plastic kind, not the metal kind ) and sewed it over the open areas, and cut a flap in the canopy for a door.  He had sewed plastic strips into the mesh for support.  The whole thing looked like a mesh version of a covered wagon.  If something like that worked for his cats, it would probably work for a smaller dog.

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Well, it's like this.

Dogs have their very own built in strollers. They are called legs !


And your dog will be much happier and well behaved if he is allowed to use them.


A very well respected dog trainer long ago tole me "a tried dog is a good dog"


And a stroller ride for the dog does nothing but instill his belief that he is the pack leader and you are merely on this earth to serve his every need. Get a leash, sign up for obedience classes and learn to do things WITH your dog rather then for him.


I don't know how to make one... but I bought my pet strollers from an online shop. They have pretty good designs in there!

how to make one...really don't know

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Pets have their own strollers it's impossible to create a pet stroller using an old baby stroller.

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If you take out the plastic around where the child's legs go, then put some plastic mesh around and on top, it usually makes a good pet stroller.  If you are nervous about your pet escaping from it and want to save some time, you may just want to buy one.  I have made my own pet strollers before and have bought ones that were made specifically for my dog.  My dog like the professional pet stroller better because it was more roomier and comfortable.

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