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How much safe guard horse dewormer do I give my dog?

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Are you delusional I don't think you give horse dewormer to dogs. You will probably kill your dog. It has horse dewormer on the label for a reason. Better ask a Vet. Never heard of it. Good Luck. 

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I agree 100% with AShoofly!! DO NOT be giving anything to your dog that has been prescribed for a HORSE! Unless your dog is the size of a horse and has the same genetic make-up you are foolish to even think of it. Different chemicals are used in different species, and the AMOUNT you would give a horse could not safely be adjusted down for a dog. Please, buy a dewormer formulated for a dog's system, not a horse's!

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I have used safe guard horse wormer on all my dogs puppys too going on 20 yrs now..never had one get sick over it MUCH LESS DIE...if you have a big kennel of dogs its the only way to go..on your pups put the size of a pencil eraser on your finger and rub it in the pups mouth..on dogs  40 lbs and up.one full turn of the dial on the tube is enough..if you have any questions you can email me at Jordanancompany@att.net

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