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What pet foods does uc davis recommend?

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will pets meet with there family after they died?

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Can kangaroos be pets in the United States?

Asked: Pet Friendly Hotels

marriott hotels: Looking for a list of pet friendly Marriott Hotels along Rt 95 from Boston to Tampa FL.

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Pet Friendly Hotels

Have you tried Google maps or Google or directories like Yelp. I am sure you'll be able to find pet friendly hotels around that area. http://www.hotelbtlv.com http://edition.cnn.com/2013/07/25/travel/dog-friendly-hotels/

Need something to keep dogs food warm

There are a selection of portable heated pet food bowls so you can keep their food warm even while travelling. Collapsible ones are the most convenient because they can be converted into water bowls too. It's easier looking for those used indoors; but there are online specialty pet stores that offer ...

How does one start a pet sitting business?

anyone interested in a business such as this should be experienced with some animal behavior training there are free classes online .most vets have a behaviorlist that will talk with you. secound set an idea of your client goals on what you can accomplish as in 15 pounds or less mon thru fri 8-5 ...

Pet food

Well i guess it kinda depends on the type and size of your dog. and Maybe health conditions too. I have 2 great Dane's and we get their food from a feed mill. They eat Golden bits dog food and they are really healthy. Could you please help me out on my question about babysitting?Thank you ...