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Personal blogs or business blogs?

How to tell that a blog is a personal blog or a business blog? I notice that many bloggers monetize their blogs by displaying ads and/or writing paid reviews on their blogs, while the others share personal stuff on their "business blogs".

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Business blogs indeed are those blogs that promoting their business products and services, usually people monetizing their personal blogs, however you can do so in a business blog as long as there is an owner consent.

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Well on the first glance, you can determine if a blog is a personal or a business blog. Most personal blogs are not following a certain niche unlike business blogs. You could find a lot of random posts and personal thoughts on personal blogs. But in business blogs, the blogger would as much as possible post articles that contains relevancy to the nature of the business they are promoting..

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First of all you would be foolish if you did not have your blog monetize whether it is a personal blog or not.  I agree though that a business blog is more focused on a niche rather then random speaking.



Business Blog is created for promoting company's offered services or products while personal blog is all about a person's interest and ideas he wants to share to his readers.

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A business blog is usually created to support and further promote the main product offerings of a business, which oftentimes is concentrated on a single niche, say "mac laptops" or "diet supplements", whereas a personal blog is more on the everyday thoughts that a blogger wants to share, so topics can be very varied. 

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You can see that int manner on how they write on their blog. It is a business blog if they are talking about a particular product and it is a personal blog if the content pertains the experience of the blog site owner.



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