I never find it difficult to locate and understand another person by their aura.  One's aura is as distinctive as one's fingerprints and much more easily traced.  It is "the naked self, devoid of all pretense."  One must be willing to deal with truly obscene persons and have to compassion to advise them objectively to attain this priceless gift.

Auras occur in shells much like the layers of an onion.  Peering deeply into a person's aura makes it clear what they have endured and how to speak to them.

It is the oldest of the wise arts, and the most very severely intimidating to self-serving despots.  There is no question why evildoers hope to deny these truths as prosecution awaits. 

It would be much better for them to listen to the wisdom of those who think outside the box, rather than cower in spineless atheist denial games.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike another day of using many aliases with the word Atheist in every post.

Bonestructure Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I didn't want to mention the whole aura thing. I find people just don't understand how you can see them in your mind and how you can heal with colored light and energy.

Lady Aban Ceaulosevic

Bonestructure, there is a great deal to this mystery.  The results are quite consistent one viewer to another.  The thing is, you have a reason to hope that you can conceal what is deepest within you.  You claim to be fearless but there is much fear in you.  I see your aura in your words posting under many screen names.  Others have seen the pattern emerge.


It takes a bit of training and effort to learn the technique.  It is not a matter of some presumed talent.  Anyone can do so if they merely open their mind.  You fear that if you open your mind, that you will have to change your ways, which could be extremely embarrassing.


You post as other persons, but there is always that aura.  It is not a matter of point of view.  It is your personality that shaped your thoughts, even when you reverse them or copy someone else.  The aura is there.

Anonymous Comment

American Patriot aka Rocmike has stolen Dfrogpongs moniker. This lonely insane loser has been posting 31 out of the last 39 hours under Bill, Tweek, dfrogpong, Ladydarko, Rick Barnett, Bob Suffolk, Top Renner, Anonymous, Lady Aban who is still posting and a few others. This loser needs help and a life.

Bonestructure Thinks this answer is Helpful:

No, I'm sorry. I don't post under any other names. Why should I? I'm very easy to find on the net under my name Ron Leming, as well as Bonestructure. You can find my address, my phone number, any number of things. Why should i fear? Well, okay, I'm afraid of heights, but aside from that I really don't get scared. Probably a mental problem that makes me take risks, but hell, I'm still alive, so I'm doin something right at 61.

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