If a person could build a space shuttle could a government afford to pay him excluding restrictions?

How much U.S. currency is in circulation?

There was approximately $1.2 trillion in circulation as of August 14, 2013, of which $1.16 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes. Like ·  · Share · 8 minutes ago near Washington · 


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Asked: Is it hard being a parent?

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Space shuttle landing

Yes!. It is Thrilling to see. You cannot get too close, but you can see it come in and make it's final approach. The landing times are well publicised on the web.

How does NASA test the shuttle?

They use theory and mathmatical simulations mostly. The shuttle's parts (depending on what you are testing) are often checked before being installed. Heat shielding for instance, is made to a specific tolerance, and extra is made to "test" the batch. The simple reality is, it kind of isn't. The ...

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