If a person could build a space shuttle could a government afford to pay him excluding restrictions?

How much U.S. currency is in circulation?

There was approximately $1.2 trillion in circulation as of August 14, 2013, of which $1.16 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes. Like ·  · Share · 8 minutes ago near Washington · 


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Space Shuttle Discovery Launches despite ice on pipe

I don't think there was ever an aborted mission because of ice on a pipe. I do recall that in 2006 a last minute glitch forced flight controllers to scrub the launch of three NASA microsatellites and their Pegasus rocket.

Can you watch a shuttle landing at KSC?

Yes you can but easier to watch it take off

Explain the term: Restrictive covenant clause.

Low IQ government dependent far right extremist racist hate mongers shouldn't be allowed to vote. I think before you should be allowed to vote your IQ should be over 70 and you should have had a job at one time in your life .

How did they get the space shuttle to the National Air and Space

NASA uses a retired Boeing 747 to transport STS Orbiters. The Shuttle is comprised of the Orbiter, two Solid Rocket Boosters, and an external liquid fuel tank that merely fuels the rocket engines on the Orbiter. SRB's travel by special heavy truck from their point of manufacture at Morton-Thiokol ...