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Persistent Burning on Urination after Prostate Cancer Seeding (Brachytherapy)

A friend had prostate cancer radiation and seeding at major cancer center.  He had an enlarged prostate, so additional seeds were used.  It's been 1.5 years and he has persistent, severe burning on urination - like he is on fire.  No incontinence.  He drinks plenty of fluids.  Has diabetes II and had heart bypass surgery about 5 years ago.  Has taken meds to improve/maintain urinary flow but do not help with pain.  Any suggestions??  This condition is truly miserable for him.  Age 69 and he is active.  Wants to feel better!  Thanks.

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His best option is to see a urologist and have the urologist prescribe something for the pain.

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This may just be a shot in the dark however something that you might consider is this: 6 months after I was treated with proton beam I had the same problem ie: excruciating pain when I urinated.  My urologist told me that I had developed prostitatis which no one knows much about / why you get it / how long it lasts or what it takes to cure it.  The urologist prescribed an antibiotic which upon taking I had some relief.  As soon as I took the last pill however the pain began again.  If you have even seen the Tom Hanks movie "The Green Mile", that is exactly how I felt.  My only misfortune was that I didn't have a giant mystic that was able to grab me in the groin and make everything better. 

I stared to learn everything I could about prostitatis & discovered a product (over the counter) called quercetin.  I have been taking it for over 5 years & have not had a problem since.  As a side note the urologist that I saw is suggesting to his patients that they might want to try it as well.

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