I have some Alprazolam(Xanax) from 1995 and i was wondering if it still may even be effective at all?

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   my wife was a pharmacy tech for many years and she said that a drug that old has most likely broken down in its molecular levels and could actually be toxic if taken. The best place for medication that old is to be royally flushed. Hope this helps.

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Hi there, I am a Certified Pharmacy Tech w/ 19 yrs. experience....those Alprazolam tablets are no good after 13 yrs. dear. And I totally agree with inspectorgadget1956, his wife is right...its molecular structure has broken down & could be toxic, plz don't mess with something that old. It definately needs to disposed of. All medications come with an expiration date on the containers, whether Pharmacy packaging or even OTC (over the counter)packaging. Heed those warnings. These expirations are for your safety & continued good health....if you have meds for say a year or longer just sitting around, just do the right thing and get rid of them, don't chance it. BTW, it is found that flushing medications down the toilet (as we all know we did/do) can actually cause contamination in the water supply. *Please give your local ER/ hospital a call, to see if they offer medication disposal as a community service, it could save a life.

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