What is the equivalent award to the oscar in the field of theatre & performing acts?

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Other awards, if you're interested are..

 "Grammy" awards for the music fields..

for the television fields, its the "Emmy"

 for the journalism fields its the pulitzer..

of course there is the international film festival in "Cannes"

that presents awards as the Golden  palm for the best movie, the golden camera, etc.


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it is the Tony, first awarded on 1947.

 check out their site for more facts and details.


who is it named after? who is this "tony" guy?

Actually, it wasn't originally "tony", and "tony" wasn't a guy. There was some woman named Antoinette, who was very active in theatre (I don't recall the details, maybe she was a patron of the arts). When the award was created, it was named in her honour

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It's called the Tony award, named after Antoinette Perry, an American actress and producer. The award is bestowed upon the best of Broadway each year and is presented by the League of American Theaters and Producers and the American Theater Wing, the organization that was founded by Ms. Perry.

 Traditionally, the awards ceremony is broadcast by CBS-TV each year in May or June I think



For Broadway plays and musicals, it's the Tony.

For Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway plays and musicals, it's the Obie. 

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