What percentage of the world's population would ...

What percentage of the world's population would you say lives so primitively they're like savages, no running water even? I'd say 75%. But they all have laptops.

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I don't know what to say. Is this your personal observation or did Limbaugh tell you? I would like some stats on this (and I'm too lazy to google the info because you brought it up so it's on you to have back-up). Sorry, I don't agree. I know you believe America is the most successful Country in the World (and rightfully so) but there are other successful Countries as well, some have even eliminated poverty to a controllable level. You should clean your windows and look out into the world more clearly.. True, poverty is a rampant disease throughout the world (including the U.S.) and 15%  to 35% is way too high, but to say 3/4 of the world is primitive?.. Define Primitive. And I know your probably being sarcastic, but you did bring it up and because of the ludicrous percentage between average normal vs dehydrated primitive savages is a potential rumor that needs to be clarified and dealt with now rather than let some other Limbaugh pick it up and run wild among the sheeple population. 

I think it is true. They have all the things like laptops and mobile phones but dont have food. 

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