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I dunno, but paybacks can be a bitch! Laughing


Tattoo artist Ryan turned rogue after discovering that Rossie had cheated on him with his best friend.

Rossie, from Dayton, Ohio, US, wanted a scene from the Narnia trilogy inked on her back.

Instead she was left with...

Doing the dirty ... tattoo artist's revenge for Rossie's cheating has left her back disfigured

+people cheat  because they dont understand god words.ift you love god and do his will. and pray  that he give you holy spirit. you know ift you married your bed should be clean. that mean keep other womens out your bed. ift you not married you dont have sex . pray each and every day that the lord keep you your bible every day .and belive in your heart that. jesus is alive  

People cheat because they are liers. They do not concern themself with  how their actions harm other people. They just do not care how much they may hurt you. They are selfish and want to do what they want just because they want to do it.  They do not think, worry or concern themself with the affect on another . IF  IT  FEELS  GOOD  DO  IT That is their mentality

because they are stupid and beliieve they can find somebody or something else

People who cheat don't care who they hurt because they have no conscious and bottom line they have no soul.  They are insecure and feel the world owes them b/c of the pain they endured as a young child. They pity themselves and hate themselves deep down. My ex (javier) was like that and so was his ex Diane Porras. Of course there are others like Molly and ruby.So many makes me wonder?that is just who they are. they are toxic people.they spread disease (literally). Why? Why bother pondering the question.  Just get rid of them (cheaters/abusers).They must have mommy or daddy issues. get over it!!!!

i believe in two aspects to this, 1 its total taboo, 2 it would be obvious that cheating is sex without bounds and if it was taken care of people would not have to look elsewhere, but that just my opion

Because it takes part of human being nature. It does not mean one does not love one another, for nature, it is normal.

Smile and word will smile with you.

because they think ! they are missin out on something, they think someone else can give them what they think they arent gettin, and for a man! its just cause they can an want to .

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ya there are yoville cheats i know all of them right ur yoville username on my my space or face`book my email `for both is bato` and i will email u the codes

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