Why normal people can't get ahead in life? The wealth people just keeps on rubbing it in our face all the time ?

Why normal people can't get ahead in life?

The wealth people just keeps on rubbing it in our face all the time ?

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I disagree with you. I believe that normal people can get ahead in life. My father came from nothing and made a place for himself in the world. He worked very very hard for all of his life and he was able to offer my siblings and me a very comfortable life. I believe if a person is willing to put in the time and effort to get ahead then they will. They need to be willing to work hard; the "good life" doesn't just fall in your lap.

The answer is education.  The more education you have; the more money you will be able to earn. 

Strike Hard / Strike Home

Anyone is able to get ahead in life, & attain "The American Dream"  How??  By desire, and being a ''doer' versus  a dreamer/.  Many fotunes:  real estate.  RESEARCH fixer-uppers--flip.  Learn what you don't know:  ask, work in field, volunteer, etc.  Again:  DESIRE & CAN DO attitude. 

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