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Why do people stupidly not vaccinate their children?

Even though it puts their children and other people in the population at large at risk? Selfish clowns, don't you think? And who do they rely on for their information if not medical professionals? Jenny McCarthy??

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Scientific information they find through other means.  Consider this scenario and you'll see my point:  Health professionals have always stated quite emphatically that no level of the hard metal, mercury, is healthy for human consumption.  Now even the CDC will not promote this truth; they now promote that it is safe to have mercury in the body, but tuna is still restricted in diets for pregnant mothers and small children.  The CDC works with big business so it changes its policy to benefit big business.  Who you going to believe if something other than your health promotes any specific treatment by a health professional? 


There's a huge difference between metallic mercury (what's in fish) and mercury compounds (that stabilize vaccines). It's like the difference between eating metallic sodium (which will instantly explode you) and eating sodium chloride (which will only make your food taste salty).

So if that's their gripe then this "scientific information through other means" is some kind of hooey. Not surprising.



Well, the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry still considers the human use of any form of mercury to be dangerous when ingested and have taken it out of many things, even the form that use to be in vaccines before we heard so much about it.


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