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Yes I really do. I have seen and witnessed evil acts of Satan. And apparently if you are a really bad person in life, you will get to meet Satan your self!

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Southern 7162 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

We all get guidance from the Lord.  Everyone understands God's message very clearly.  If you have a mind of ANY sort, you know God.


Atheists make a point to be as tacky and boorish as they can be so that is why they play their foolish games.  Atheists go out of their way to be utterly disagreeable, bitter, and hellish. 


Yes indeed, they have outfitted themselves for hell to the last one among them and that is the only future for them.  They knew that going in.


We who have suffered their games, lies, and artrocities have paid our dues and will be with the Lord.  If it sounds like Heaven, rest assured, it is.

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