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The sea slug leaves Darwin’s theory in ruins.

Original found at See the link if images/formatting don't show Sea slugs leave Darwin’s theory slipping by Geoff ...
  Posted 18 hours ago .


The Best Healthy Foods?

Hi All, What are the best food types out there to keep healthy?
  Posted 7 years ago .


Dear God--people are actually breaking down and ...

Dear God--people are actually breaking down and crying right on the air about this!
  Posted 2 hours ago .


Fast Food to Healthy Foods?

Do you feel that fast food restaurants lately started implementing newest trends when it comes to healthier foods? Everywhere I go I see diet versions of popular fast food meals.
  Posted 4 years ago about "Now Fast Food Has Become Healthy Food"


Where are they??? I get no answer when I call the no. which is supposed to be a 24/7 answering session

no one is answering the phone or my email questions. just signed up with them I will cancel if I don't hear from them.
  Posted 1 hour ago .