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Is Federal Education Obsolete?

Rick Santorum: "I'm saying that local communities and parents should be the ones in control over public education, certainly not the federal government, and I think the state ...
  Posted 3 years ago .


For your amusement . . ..

Ayatollah Ruollah Khomeini (before his timely death) sat in his luxurious private palace chambers in Teheran singing "Deutschland Uber Alles," the national anthem of the Nazis. At ...
  Posted 20 hours ago .


Build him some help

learning disabled georgia contractor needs assist for licensing exam. are there accommodations for someone who is learning disabled? He is a super contractor but AWFUL test taker ...
  Posted 34 minutes ago .


What s 17% of 491.00

what s 17% of 491.00
  Posted 1 hour ago .


Christian flag

Is it proper to place the Christian Flag on a coffin?
  Posted 6 days ago .