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It is getting easier to cut leftists down to size ...

It is getting easier to cut leftists down to size! A while back, some body posted an 8th grade test from a 1 room school in Kansas, 1895. Tadpole failed that test the worst way ...
  Posted 4 months ago .


Why did Tadpole get kicked out of radical islam?

You gotta be pretty low down to get kicked out of Islam. I mean, they are only degenerates and criminals any way but Tadpole could get kicked out cause she is too worthless for ...
  Posted 1 hour ago .


Tadpole's boring games.

Tadpole plays games but that proves she is stupid. Tadpole couldn't pass an 8th grade test they gave 14 year old kids in Salina, Kansas, in 1895. Flunked it big time. Let's ...
  Posted 30 minutes ago .


Companies Act 2013

What can I do to understand the Companies Act 2013 better?
  Posted 23 minutes ago .


Lotus Notes Converter nsf2pst

Conversion of NSF to PST file is needed data accuracy and security. At the time of conversion, entire data should be migrated containing original properties.Advance NSF to PST ...
  Posted 6 months ago .