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My 18 month old grandson was born with a low ...

My 18 month old grandson was born with a low platelet disorder. He spent the first 6 weeks in NICU, Orlando South then transferred to Miami Children's. Still they have not found ...
  Posted 1 day ago .


What is location of hessen hospital?

My girlfriend, lisa laura jerry, is a patient in hessen hospital, near frankfurt, germany. Am unable to find a listing. Where is hessen hospital?
  Posted 2 days ago .


Mr. Scott Cooper Paying Treasurer

I had got a letter from Wilson Associates and they are telling me that I have money they are holding and I want to no is why do I got to pay if I got money that they are holding ...
  Posted 7 minutes ago .


Is The String Broken

Is The String Broken:{{{Stan Monteith Interviews Norman Dodd"The Enemy Within"You Tube.{{{Norman Dodd-How The Republicans Destroyed The Government---Norman Dodd---Full Interview ...
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The Two Board Morons Just Don't Get It

Read slow, when you 2 morons don't clog up this board with 500 copy pastes and 500 family porn pictures this board always does well and posts normally. Every time you 2 morons post ...
  Posted 3 hours ago .