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Tadpole is badly upset now.

Our leftist board flamer has failed to provide answers to high school level questions, has failed to pass an eighth grade exam, and has failed a fifth grade progress evaluation ...
  Posted 9 hours ago .


Your responce too my Halleween Partie has been overwelming

Sorry butt we ar all filled up and can tak know more. See you tonight.
  Posted 20 hours ago .


Another lonely Christmas for Tadpole. Maybe she ...

Another lonely Christmas for Tadpole. Maybe she should learn by now that Christmas is the time for family and friends to get together. Of course, tadpole has none, so Christmas ...
  Posted 2 days ago .


I think it's time for a test.

We have what appears to be one person posting with multiple screen names, playing a very old psychological game called "Professor." We who hold the title Associate Professor are ...
  Posted 5 days ago .


Angular Acceleration

A motorist with a flat tire is trying to loosen a lug nut on the wheel with the flat tire. The motorist (mass=60kg) lifts his feet off the ground and places his full weight on the ...
  Posted 4 days ago .