Why do people deny the reference to Christ (

Why do people deny the reference to Christ ("in the year of our Lord") at the end of Article VII of the U.S. Constitution ? They always say God is not mentioned in our Constitution ? And He is, as I point out. 

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Could it be, religious PREJUDICE ?

Last of the Mohicans

AD was the only dating system then, Thus us the 21st century and we use CE, whether you people like or not.

" Reality is that which exists outside of your beliefs. "

Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu countries were not dating their documents "In the year of their Lord" back then, John.

Last of the Mohicans

We used to use God because America was once a great nation that believed in Him, but as we have gone downhill (transgenders, children having children, murders, et cetera) we have taken God out of things and denied that He exists because we don't want to face our own moral ineptitude. No one likes being told they are wrong, so we cover up our wrongdoing by saying that the truth isn't the truth anymore. 

Courtney, you're saying that transgender is considered wrong?

Agree with Courtney. The a  Chocolate factory was built to make chocolate. But, over the years lets say, they switched over to caramel,licorice,and boom ! Everybody thought that their long lasting vanilla suckers were the bomb! and for years they just made those. Someone comes along and says, "they were founded on chocolate" people say "no way!"

And then ,if they actually remove any evidence that they once had chocolate.....well...then it's believable ! And BTW, as long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools !

No he isn't!

Say a prayer over your Hal-Al meat before you begin to eat.

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