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How many of you people boast of having eaten your pets? Indonesian meat markets have live dogs and cats that they have picked up fromthe streets. These are people's beloved pets, but in Muslim ...

Once again we see that Indonesians are utterly immoral, in that they eat their neighbors' pets.  Isn't it reassuring that your dog and your cat are not safe from the White House chef?

Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1929.
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Bill Compton

To think, dfrogpong still has no logical answer.  All that leftists understand is racism, insult, and bitterness.  No wonder they still supoport Obama.  Is that why leftists are all utter failures?


Oh, well, there is no accounting for exceptionally bad judgment.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike started off it's marathon posting day with Bill who posted 7 out of 8 hours. The hour missed was filled by American Patriot who posted a bunch of questions. Without stopping Rocmike followed that with Top Renner who posted 3 straight hours. Again with out stopping Rocmike followed that with Rick Barnett with 2 straight hours. As usual some anonymous posts were thrown in. That is 13 non stop hours of posting and 55 out of 83 hours of posting in the last 4 days. This moron needs help and a life.

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