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How can my penis become stronger and improve on ...

how can my penis become stronger and improve on sperm ejaculation during sexual intercourse

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How long did you want to keep your erection during sex?  2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours?

Be honest and be true to yourself.

Don't do it so often. Wait for longer periods.

Your erection and penis strength is dependant upon the strength of your sex muscles, namely your pc muscle. You can exercise your penis muscles to make your penis stronger, your erections harder and improve your ejaculatory control and sexual performance.

There are a few things you can do to increase your sperm. One is to not wear tight clothing that holds your testicles close to your body. This makes conditions too hot for sperm production and it also goes against the next thing.

Stimulation of the testicles causes sperm production, so wearing lose clothing allows them to hang down, swing, and bump into your legs (not painful like it sounds). You can also help this along by gently messaging your testicles. This has the added benefit of unclogging any blockages you may have, which you will know if there is a spot that is sore and/or painful.

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Eat healthily and exercise. Penis enlargement exercises are another option. Many men are using jelqing exercises to boost their penile functions. One last thing, your penis is not a muscle as fosch said.

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Dear Usman,

I am sure you have heard about BRUTAL - Lotion for Men and VIRGIN COCONUT COFFEE

Your penis is like your bicep muscle. Exercise and dont over do it



To be Successful is Easy than to Fail

Google kegels or PC muscle exercises, they will help.

either by viagra or exercises working the PC muscle. j ust look for it on google it should help, with erection and last longer, and stronger orgasm,


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