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Can a penis dog fit inside a woman's vagina?

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Yes it can but a dog has a knot at the base of its cock and when inside the (woman's) vagina it will lock in place and he will start to cum and some times inside the womb that will stay there and not leak out now their will be no baby if you were hoping for a child and it is illegal so don't get cought. The best positions for a woman to have sex with a male dog is to ether go into the doggie style or the missionary position. But if you also want to know about if a stallions penis will fit into a woman's vagina yes it can but it is dangerous and might kill her but if full penetration is successful then you could see the horse's cock from outside the horse will be in her womb and when cumming her womb will expand to accommodate all of his cum and she will look like she is pregnant because a horse gives of so much cum. Again there will be no child after intercourse with a horse if that's what you were hoping for.

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