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How much Pedialyte is it safe to give a cat

how much pedialyte is it safe to give a cat.  The cat is dehydrated, has been to the vet but when I asked for a liguid supplement I got vitamins.  He is really sick and I want to make him as comfortable as possible and try to beat the odds.  Think he has FIP all the tests haven't come back yet.

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Hi lrlbarret


The Best Thing IW ould Do Is Feed The Cat 1 Vitamin A Day. Then Stretch To To. If The Cat Vomits Or Its Digestion Becomes Upset, Stick With One. Also, Make Sure To Leave Plenty Of Fresh Water ESPECIALLY If The Cat Is On Dry Food, I Suggest A Refill Ever 3-4 Hours


Hope This Helps, Alex

Have you tried putting a pinch of sugar in the water? I find that my dogs will drink more if the water tastes a little sweet. Good luck and I hope your cat gets better soon!

Love your life as you only get one.

      i would switch vets as yours doesnt seem to listen to his clients. also please go to a petstore and get a product called nutrical for cats or kittens. its a highly palatable vitamin paste thats high calorie and high in vitamins and minerals. also i just had a dog that had explosive bloody diarrehea for a whole week and i gave him plain pedialyte for babies unflavored mixed in his rice and chicken as well as his sole source of water. give your cat a bowl of pedialyte unflavored as his only source of water and if hes more inclined to consume sweet things maybe add a bit of sugar to the pedialyte but not too much. i am concerned as to why your kitten is so dehydrated. has it been wormed? does the kitten have any of the feline diseases like feline aids or feline leukemia? i would also try another product as well as the nutrical and the second product is called vionate. its a powder you can mix directly into the food as well as putting in the water. its very good at replacing electrolytes,vitamins and minerals. so to recap you want to get  nutrical paste for cats and kittens as well as vionate powder. the paste usually will be consumed readily by the cat but if cat is picky put it on its paws

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