Do peas give you gas?

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They sure can.
Beans, as well as such gassy goods as cabbage, soybeans, peas and onions, are naturally sweetened with a family of sugars called oligosaccharides. These sugars are big, clumsy molecules -- too big to slip into your body through the lining of the small intestine. Normally enzymes in the small intestine would rush in and snap these molecules apart like Legos. But due to a gross oversight, an anti-oligosaccharide enzyme is not standard equipment in a human being.


But there's hope for those who love beans, but not the results. Mold is blessed with the bean enzyme, one alpha-galactosidase. So AkPharma, Inc., a New Jersey company, extracts the enzyme from a species known to its friends as Aspergillus niger, and sells it to the easily-embarrassed under the brand name Beano. Sprinkle a few drops of enzyme on your beans and enjoy. The enzyme will snap apart those big sugars into handy little sugars, like sucrose, glucose and fructose, your body can use.

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They certainly can but it also depends on the person of course. Some people are more sensitive to foods with a lot of roughage and therefor peas will have a stronger affect on them.

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