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First, you will need to download Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst! As of this writing, Return to Ravenhearst is only available at

  • Step 2
    Turn off the t.v. Turn off the lights. Close the curtains. Turn up the volume. Open Return to Ravenhearst and watch the opening movie. Beautiful and spooky huh? Get goose bumps? I know! Now, type in your player name and read your personal journal to get started.

  • Step 3
    In Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, you start off outside the gates of Ravenhearst. This time around though, you don't use blueprints to get around. Now you actually walk though the scenes using arrows to go left right, forward and back using the mouse. You still search for clues but in a whole new way. Scenes will now show a "sparkle" around a bush, box, corner of the room. Click the sparkling area to start object hunting.

  • Step 4
    Totally new the series, Return to Ravenhearst adds an inventory feature. Now you will gather items to use on other places and puzzles. These objects can be found within the main scene or you can earn them by completing hidden object areas.

  • Step 5
    Though not entirely new to the series, Return to Ravenhearst adds in logic puzzles and door puzzles in a whole new way. Now that you have an inventory, many puzzles require pieces from other areas. For example, a cat has a key you need but hisses when you get near. In another scene you see a mouse peeping out of it's hole, but can't grab him. Eventually you will find a piece of cheese, which you use to lure out the mouse, you can now grab the mouse (yes, I said grab the mouse) and give it to the cat. Yes, I said give it to the cat! I know, sounds cruel, but unlike any cat in the real world, Mr. Kitty just moves his furry little paw over 1 inch and doesn't hurt Mr. Mouse at all. Now grab the key and look for something to use it on!

  • Step 6 One of the many locks
    One of the many locks
    In the first game involving Ravenhearst, a game called Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (wow, go figure), you were forced to solve puzzles before you could open the doors and explore inside. This remains true in the new game but most usually require at least one hint or item from other areas. Solve many of these by looking at what you are shown very carefully. This one is surrounded by photos and drawings of eyes. One slot has an eye looking around in it. Check your inventory and I bet ya you will have an eye ball! Also, think outside the box, click everything, twice! Many have levelers, slots, handles, sockets or some kind of moveable part.

  • Step 7
    One thing that is different this time around in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst is the hint system. Instead of getting 5 hints to work with, now you have to earn them. When you get stuck you can use a hint, but it will have to recharge before it can be used again. Finding more objects or solving puzzles helps to fill the hint timer faster. If you are totally stumped, you can also drag an item over the hint button and release. This will show you a hint about where the item will be used.

  • Step 8
    When you visit one of these "sparkly places" for the first time, read the clue list through a few times to familiarize yourself with the entire list. Keep your mind open on the clues. If asked to find a floatation device, they could mean a life vest or a red and white safety ring. A banana might not be yellow, but green...or even purple! Look for long thin objects along long thin lines in the picture. Golf Clubs, pens and the like may be found along the edges of counters, roofs, fences etc. Go through your list as quickly as possible, three or more items at a time. If you can't find an item, take on the next three items. If you are concerned about getting a high score don't waste too much time looking for one thing.

  • Step 9
    If you get stuck and don't know what your next task is you can also refer to your personal journal. In it, you are always writing about your investigation but you are also doodling notes and symbols down. I have yet to see one of these that isn't a huge hint to solving ... well some puzzle, somewhere! Don't worry about wasting time here, the timer pauses while you are reading!

  • Step 10
    *SPOILER WARNING* The previous steps are meant to help you finish the game on your own. The following steps will walk you through each puzzle! I have put them in order as they were revealed to me. You can go through them one at a time, or use the handy dandy images to fast forward to the puzzle you are stuck on!

  • Step 11
    Look at the plaque on the gates of Ravenhearst Manor for your first clue.

  • Step 12
    The first puzzle in the game is the front gate of Ravenhearst Manor. Hunt for hidden objects in the sparkling bushes for a wrench and use it to open the 4 screws on the intercom. Once it is open align the wires using the numbers on the grid as shown in the image here. Note, I've left the last wire for you. Push the button and you will get the key to the gate.

  • Step 13
    Use the key on the gate and turn the handle.

  • Step 14
    Walk up to the manor and click on everything. Look for hidden objects at the front door. Explore the front, left and right of the porch, and the garden gate. You should find a basket with a flower growing in it, a cat with a key, a mouse in a hole, a loose board, a birds nest up on the porch roof and a female statue that asks you to bring her a dark flower when you click her necklace.

  • Step 15
    Find the ladder on the right side of the porch and use it to access the porch roof. Collect the creepy eyeball from the nest. Hunt for hidden objects in the chest on the left side of the porch for the brick. Use the brick on the window on the right side of the porch to enter the manor. Grab the crowbar from under the chair and head back outside. There is a nailed down board on the left side of the porch, use the crow bar to open it and get another creepy eye. The third eye is found by searching for hidden objects at the base of the male statue near the garden gate.

  • Step 16
    The puzzle on the kitchen door takes 3 eyeballs. Turn the handles to make the pupils smaller and bring the image in the middle into focus.

  • Step 17
    Enter the kitchen and search for hidden objects in the upper cupboard. You will get a piece of cheese. As mentioned in step 5, give the mouse the cheese, give the cat the mouse, grab the key, and head back into the kitchen. Use the key on the stove to get a glove. Open the cabinet under the sink to get a pair of heavy scissors. Also click on the paper tacked on the wall on the left side of the screen. It will move and reveal a drawing. Look Familiar?

  • Step 18
    On the left side of the porch use the scissors to cut the flower, and then the glove to pick it up. Take the flower to the female statue at the garden entrance to get a blue moon shaped gemstone.

  • Step 19
    Use the drawing from the kitchen to move the arms and legs of the weird animal "thing" on the garden gate puzzle. You can find a sketch of this in your journal or in the image here.

  • Step 20
    Go into the garden and look around. Note the x on the ground at the base of the angel statue. Not much to do here, for now, so walk forward to the cemetery. Object hunt here to get the pickax and then use your scissors one last time, on the bushes to the right.

  • Step 21
    Turn the dials to align the lines with the lights that are not broken and the bird head at the top. In the image here I have left the center wheel for you to finish. Once all the lights are lit the panel will fall away and you will receive a yellow sun shaped gemstone.

  • Step 22
    I tend to think of the next puzzle as the end of chapter one in Return to Ravenhearst. At this point you should have hunted for hidden objects in every area available. You should have a "v" key, belt, wrench, wet rag, horn and pickax. If you are missing any of these you should go back and find a few more sparkly places to investigate.

  • Step 23
    The fireplace puzzle is pretty easy now that you have all the pieces and the clues. The moon clue was on the front door and the sun clue was on one of the headstones in the grave yard. These were both added to your journal, now all you have to do is put the symbol tokens on the matching side and pull the lever!

  • Step 24
    The fireplace will open to reveal a set of stairs leading to the basement of Ravenhearst. Go down them and listen to Rose. You can click on the boiler but there is nothing to do here, for now.

  • Step 25
    Walk forward to the room with 3 doors. Each has a statue above it. The one on the left has two little girls, Rose's daughters, the middle has a grown woman, this is Rose, and the one of the left has a man, this is Charles Dalimar. Each has a puzzle, but only one can be opened for now, Rose's.

  • Step 26
    The twins puzzle is missing 4 marbles. You will find these as you investigate.

  • Step 27
    Charles' puzzle is missing keys, one of which you have, the "v". You can put it in the correct place now, or later. It is a qwerty keyboard, so use your keyboard to place it, and all the other keys you will eventually find, in the right spot.

  • Step 28
    Rose's is the first of the puzzles that start to get difficult. Between the lights, the noises and the numbers, it can be pretty confusing. Note: The numbers in this puzzle change from game to game! I can tell you how to solve it but you will have to use the numbers in your game!

  • Step 29
    First, turn on the puzzle by flipping the white switch. It will start to make noise but don't worry it isn't important, you can even turn it down or off using the volume control. Now for the lights. Flipping the switches next to the lights makes them move in a counter clockwise motion around the red number readouts. Notice the lights are colored in pairs. Flip the switches until you get two lights next to each other. I have both blue lights lit in the image here. Notice there are two number readouts and either an addition or subtraction symbol between them. The image shows "84 - 36". In the upper right hand corner is a large arrow pointing a four different colored dots. Set the arrow to the color of your lights and then dial in the answer to the math equation. I have my arrow on blue but I have not yet dialed in 48. Once you dial in the answer the counter next to the blue dot will match it. Do this for all four colors.

  • Step 30 Roseville
    Welcome to Roseville! Hunt for hidden objects in the street and general store. You will find a long stick and red marble. You will also find a shovel outside on the right side of the Beauty Parlor. Use the pick ax on the rock wall near the Beauty Parlor to read a letter from Emmas' family. Click on the electric box in the General store to read an old newspaper clipping. Walk to the back of the store to find the elevator, but the control handle is missing!

  • Step 31
    Open the cash register the General Store by making all of the rows and columns add up to 15. See image here for the solution. The drawer will open and you will get a red marble and a four digit number.

  • Step 32
    Use the number from the cash register to open the electrical box.

  • Step 33
    Solve the puzzle on the Beauty Parlor by sliding the colored squares until you line them up underneath their colored lights. See the image for solution. I have left the last square to you.

  • Step 34
    Hunt for hidden objects in the beauty parlor. You can also find another news clipping on the mannequin. Walk forward to reach the stairs. Turn the heads on the posts to reveal a torn painting. Note the drawing of an angel with an x below it in the upper right hand corner.

  • Step 35
    Head up the stairs to the bedroom. Look at the bedside table drawer. Hunt for hidden objects under the bed. Then head to the bathroom puzzle.

  • Step 36
    Pull the rings on the right and left sides to rotate the center. The right ring rotates it clockwise, the left counter-clockwise. The goal is to slide the ball around the bumpers to get it to fall into the hole. Check the image for the solution. *Note, there is only one marble, I added more to show the path better, hope this helps!

  • Step 37
    Hunt for hidden objects in the bathroom and click on the medicine cabinet. You should have a handle in your inventory now. Go back to the General Store to use it on the elevator control to go to the second floor. If you use the control again it will take you to the third floor but the gates will not open and you will be taken back to the general store. Search for hidden objects on the boat to get the gold key. Look at the rusty grate and coin operated telescope. Head back to the second floor bathroom in the beauty parlor to get the rust remover.

  • Step 38
    Return to the rusty grate and use the rust remover to clean it off, then use your wrench to open it.

  • Step 39
    Use your horn to scare the bats away.

  • Step 40
    Walk forward to find Rose. Poor thing!

  • Step 41
    Rose's puzzles change from game to game so I can't walk you though the steps but I can show you how I do it. The goal is to move the colored squares onto the matching light. When you click the edge of a piece it will move in that direction as far as it can. You will have to stack squares to get pieces into the center. First, any piece in a corner is easy to place so slide them in place last. Use those squares to block the other pieces. See the image for some clues. In the center, I show you how to place the red square. Slide the green into the corner, slide the tan up to it, then slide the purple into the tan. Now slide green into the upper left corner, slide red to the left side, then up against green, and then slide it right into purple. Now red is in place. Slide green and purple into the lower right corner and stack them on top of each other, then stack tan on top of them to place it. Green and purple are both corner pieces, so just slide into place. The small image to the right shows another puzzle with solution lines. Slide purple into red, then slide purple into place. Slide tan into place and slide red next to it. Hope this helps!

  • Step 42
    Once the puzzle is solved Rose tells you more about her daughters and is set free!

  • Step 43
    Now that Rose is gone you can look into her coffin. Creepy, I know. Pick up the last red marble here. Now we can open the twins door!

  • Step 44
    The Twin's puzzle is not hard but it is easy to mess up and once it is messed up it is hard to fix! The button on the left rotates the top circle, the one on the right rotates the bottom one. The goal is to get the blue marbles to the bottom 3 slots, and the orange to the top, while keeping the four red marbles in the middle. Rotate the top then bottom circles three times, alternating sides. Right, left, right, left, right. You will move one orange onto the top ring every time and still keep the reds lined up together. Simple huh? Check out the image, I have left the last right click for you.

  • Step 45
    Look around the twins side of the town. In Toys for Brats you should see an iron stove, a broken phone, a phone line box covered in bugs, a teddy chained to the wall and a Whack-a-Troll game. The school is to too dark to investigate, but outside to the left is a cellar door with a temperature scratched onto it and a puzzle. This number changes from game to game. Keep walking back to find the Gingerbread house. Check the mail box for another newspaper clipping.

  • Step 46
    Make your way into the basement of Toys for Brats and play the Wack-a-Troll game to get EXACTLY 100 points. There is a catch though, the green and purple ones count for 5 points each and then red ones for -10! So if you make it to 105 hit one more good one and then pop a red one before time runs out. It might take a few turns so be patient! You will hate those red Trolls by the end! Solve it to get a coin.

  • Step 47
    The image for the puzzle at the Gingerbread house changes from game to game. The back and white buttons rotate the circles in the image. If you rotate the outer circle the inner circles rotate as well, so set the outside first, then work your way inward. Hint for hidden objects to find the pot holder.

  • Step 48
    Walk forward to get a message from the twins and get goose bumps.

  • Step 49
    Use the electrical tape to fix the dumbwaiter. Push the button to get the rope.

  • Step 50
    The second puzzle in the Gingerbread house is a memory game with a twist. You get 60 seconds to match all the images. Unfortunately they are all black and white circles so they are easy to confuse. Every 5 wrong guesses causes the puzzle to rotate and pieces to move. The best way to solve this puzzle is to find one or two at a time, doing the dot symbols first. You may have to play this a few times to get used to the different symbols.

  • Step 51
    Search for hidden objects in the little girls room. Leave here and set the oven in Toys for Brats to the right temperature for your game by using the pot holder. The top of the stove will show a pattern. Use this pattern to open the door to the school's basement.

  • Step 52
    Enter the basement and look around. Use the belt on the grinding stone.

  • Step 53
    Go back to Roseville and put the fuse in the fuse box in the General store. Search for hidden objects along the way. Go back to the school house and look around. Look for hidden objects to find the bug spray. Go back to Toys for Brats and search for hidden objects to get the door knob. Use the door knob on the closet door in the bedroom of the Gingerbread house to get into the closet. Click on the poster on the wall to see the escape tunnel and phone number. The number changes from game to game. Search For Hidden Objects at the Tea Table again to find the empty jar.

  • Step 54
    Go back to Toys for Brats and spray the bugs on the phone box. The lights in the box have to be turned on in an order that doesn't cause a short. Click the dim lights to turn them on. The lights connected to each other will light up when one is clicked. See the image for a step by step solution.

  • Step 55
    Go back upstairs and dial the number from the Gingerbread house. Now use the long stick on the bucket and the rope on the metal ring on the floor. Climb down the rope.

  • Step 56
    The puzzle here is more about speed then anything. The two angels and two figurines will hold cards with symbols on them. Click the matching symbols in the middle. It might help to have someone keep an eye on the top while you do the angels. Enter the room and see the bowls of kindling. Nothing we can do here ... for now.

  • Step 57
    Exit the house entirely to get back to the well. Pull up the bucket to get the knife. Search for hidden objects while making your way to the Garden.

  • Step 58
    Use the shovel on the x below the angel to get the torn painting piece. Go to the Beauty Parlor to place it in the painting of the twins.

  • Step 59
    Head to the school basement. Use the knife on the grinding stone and the jar on the fuel.

  • Step 60
    Go to the basement of the toy shop and use the knife on the teddy to get the matches.

  • Step 61
    Go down the well to light the kindling in the bowls. You will see three Dragons holding shields. The object of this puzzle is to move the gem around the patterns without overlapping.

  • Step 62
    The center shield is solved by completing the center first, then tracing around the outside. See image for details.

  • Step 63
    The puzzle on the right is solved by completing the bottom first. See image for details.

  • Step 64
    The left shield is completed by staring one side, then moving down to the bottom to complete the diamond shape there, then moving back to the side and completing it around. See image for details.

  • Step 65
    Once you have completed all three puzzles you free the twins from their prison. They give you quite a cryptic message about their brother, Victor.

  • Step 66
    Now you know their brothers name and the answer to the final door. You must have all of the typewriter keys to enter his name correctly though. Search for more hidden objects and use your hammer on the nails in the drawer upstairs in the beauty parlor. You will get a bottle of paint remover. Use the elevator to get to the telescope under the General Store. Insert the coin and slide the buttons to bring a new clue into focus.

  • Step 67
    Use the paint remover on the chalk board in the school house to get a new clue.

  • Step 68
    Type in Victors name and open the last of the three doors. Hunt for the putty knife on top of the train car. Use the screwdriver on the side of the car to open a panel. Use the funnel and fuel to fill the tank. Go inside the train car and use the level to get moving.

  • Step 69
    Hunt for hidden objects on the shore to get a key. Then use the putty knife on the stairs to reveal a new clue. Go up the stairs and click on the puzzle on the left. To solve this puzzle move the pieces until they match the stairs. Clicking on a birds head moves that row in the direction it is pointing, therefore, you can only move rows up or to the right. Once you solve it, a bridge will move across and you can get to the house on the hill.

  • Step 70
    Use the key on the front door to meet Victor. He is um...not so nice.

  • Step 71
    So now you are trapped in the attic. Great. Search for hidden objects to get the bobby pin and use it on the lock to get out of the attic. You have 2 rooms available to you now, the theater and the library. Search the library to get the projector knob and the movie reel. Use both on the projector to watch a movie of Victor. You may need to watch it a few times, but you aren't watching him, you are looking at the books behind him. You will need to know this pattern to move the books in the library. See image for solution. Once you move the books into the pattern the bookshelf will slide away to reveal an ax. Use this on the boarded up window in the theater to escape.

  • Step 72 Domnios
    Now you are all the way back at Ravenhearst Manor. Double great! Make your way back to the house on the hill. This time go to the door on the right with the domino puzzle. This is a pretty easy one if you solve it like a logic problem. The object is to click on two buttons next to eachother to make a whole domino. The dominos around the board are the ones you need to make. I like to start with the doubles and then move to the blanks, ones, twos, etc. Some combinations are only found on the board once. Once you eliminate these, go through the numbers again. You will use every tile so if you find that you have one blocked you will need to start over. Soon you will have the whole board solved.

  • Step 73 Skull Lock
    Skull Lock
    Search for hidden objects to get a jeweled heart. Go in the front door and head upstairs. Lucky for you Victor is gone. Look at the picture hanging on the wall and use the cloth to clean it off to get a new clue. Just punch in the skulls in order on the door downstairs.

  • Step 74
    Search for hidden objects to get the skull key. Solve the peacock padlock by clicking the stars to rotate the pieces into place. Opening the chest will get you the telescope. Take the telescope upstairs and place it on the tripod to use it and get the next clue.

  • Step 75
    Now you finally have the skull key. You may have noticed that sparkling skull in the elevator or maybe you noticed that if you try to go down twice in said elevator it sends you right back up to the top. Maybe you noticed both! Now you can end the suspense! Go to the elevator and use your skull key! Use the arrows to set the red arrow to the heart, diamond, club or spade. Then solve the number puzzles you've found and input their answers. These are all math problems. See step 11 for the heart, step 67 for the diamond, step 66 for the spade and step 74 for the club. The answers are; Heart=76 Diamond=6 Spade=5 Club=300.

  • Step 76
    Entering the right numbers will result in a beeping sound. All four will allow you to go down the elevator to the very bottom. Hunt for hidden objects to find another jeweled heart. Also you can find a letter from Charles and you will need to get the heart locket from Emma's statue to open the door.

  • Step 77
    Thought this was it huh? Yeah, me too. Now we need a whole bunch of those jeweled hearts. Where? How? You will need to search every sparkly place in Ravenhearst manor to find them all. Once you do, pop them into place.

  • Step 78
    Now we know what Charles has really been up to! Fiend! One last puzzle stands in the way and it is a doosy! To solve this puzzle rotate the circle of numbers using the arrow buttons, rotate numbers around eachother using the heart button. The goal is to match the pattern on the scrap of paper. This puzzle changes with every game, and if you back out of the puzzle or save, you will have to start all over again, fair warning! See image for details.

  • Step 79
    First things first, put all of the numbers in order, clockwise. Do this by finding #2, then leap frog that piece with your eye around clockwise and counter clockwise. It will fall into place behind #1 in one direction but not the other. See image for details. Move that piece around and move on to the rest. Two numbers are blocked by a valve but don't worry they are in order.

  • Step 80
    Once you get half of the numbers in order the center panel will open and you will see a beating heart. Eww! Keep going until you have them all in order, then rotate the circle of numbers around to get 1,2 and 3 to the top. Your're DONE!

  • Step 81
    Watch the movie as Charles curses you, and evil Victor hops into a time machine. Wait, Time Machine?!

  • Step 82
    Oh well, that is for another game. Watch that evil mansion burn down and release the poor souls of Emma, Rose and her twins. Congratulations!!!

  • Step 83
    List of items & where to find them!

    Wrench: Search for hidden objects by the front gate.
    Key for gate: Solve the speaker box puzzle on the front gate.
    Typewriter key "V": Search for hidden objects at the front door.
    Brick: Search for hidden objects in the trunk.
    Ladder: Right side of the manor.
    Creepy eye #1: Use the ladder to reach the nest on the roof of the manor.
    Crowbar: On the floor, under the chair in the fireplace room.
    Creepy eye #2: Use the crowbar on the board of the front porch.
    Machine Belt: Search for hidden objects in the trunk.
    Creepy eye #3: Search for hidden objects on the left side of garden door.
    Scissors: Open the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen.
    Cheese: Search for hidden objects in the upper cabinet in the kitchen.
    Mouse: Use the cheese on the mouse hole on the right side of the manor.
    Key for the oven: Give the cat the mouse to play with.
    Damp cloth: Search for hidden objects in the kitchen.
    Glove: Unlock the oven.
    Rose: In hanging plant over the trunk.
    Moon: Give the rose to the statue in front of garden door.
    Horn: Search for hidden objects by the garden door.
    Pick axe: Search for hidden objects in the cemetry.
    Sun: Cut the vines away in the cemetary and solve the puzzle.
    Long stick: Search for hidden objects on the left side when you enter Rose's door.
    Shovel: Outside on the right of the Beauty Parlor.
    Red Marble #1: Search for hidden objects downstairs in the Beauty Parlor, look on the Room Divider.
    Typewriter key "C": Search for hidden objects upstairs in the Beauty Parlor.
    Metal lever: Search for hidden objects in the bathtub in the bathroom of the Beauty Parlor.
    Red Marble #2: Search for hidden objects in the Generale Store.
    Red Marble #3: Solve the Cash Register puzzle in the General Store.
    Golden key: Search for hidden objects in the boat on the second level basement of the General Store.
    Rust remover: Use the Golden Key on the medicine cabinet in the bathroom of the Beauty parlor, then search for hidden objects.
    Electric tape: Search for hidden objects in the bathtub in the bathroom of the Beauty Parlor.
    Typewriter key "T"Underground, boat, search scene 2.
    Red Marble #4: Solve the puzzle for Rose's coffin.
    Screwdriver: Search for hidden objects at the garden door.
    Funnel: Behind the Twins door, search for hidden objects in the sandbox.
    Old Fuse: Search for hidden objectsin the display case in the Toystore.
    Hammer: Search for hidden objects Toystores work room.

  • Step 84
    More items!
    Coin: Beat the Whack a Troll game in the basement of the Toystore.
    Paint Remover: Use the hammer to open the drawer upstairs in the Beauty Parlor.
    Typewriter key "M": Search for hidden objects in the Beauty Parlor.
    Typewriter key "X": Search for hidden objects in the General Store.
    Bug Repellent: Search for hidden objects in the Schoolhouse.
    Pot holder: Search for hidden objects on the table in the Gingerbread House.
    Rope: Solve the puzzle in the hallway in the Gingerbread house.
    Typewriter key "S": Search for hidden objects in the doll house in the Gingerbread House.
    Door knob: Search for hidden objects in the display case in the Toystore.
    Rusty knife: Use the stick to free the rope in the will, then pull up the bucket in front of manor.
    Sharp knife: Use the grinding wheel in Schoolhouse basement.
    Matches: Cut Teddy open in the Toystore basement.
    Empty jar: Search for hidden objects on the table in the Gingerbread House.
    Jar with fuel: Use the jar on the leeking hose in the Schoohouse basement.
    Typewriter key "R": Search for hidden objects in the display case in the Toystore.
    Putty knife: Search for hidden objects on top of the train car.
    Spare key: Search for hidden objects in the shipwreck on the beach.
    Bobby pin: Search for hidden objects in the baby carriage.
    Knob: On the table in the Libary.
    Film reel: Search for hidden objects in the bookcase in the Libary.
    Axe: Solve the bookcase puzzle in the Libary to open the secret compartment.
    Grammophone disc: Search for hidden objects in the baby carriage.
    Jeweled Heart: Search for hidden objects in cupboard of the storage room at Victor's house.
    Skeleton key: Search for hidden objects in the workroom at Victor's house.
    Telescope: Solve the Peacock puzzle on the trunk in Victor's house.
    Emma's heart: Look at Emma's Statue in the secret basement.
    10 Jeweled Hearts: Search for hidden objects in ALL of the places you have searched before. This changes with EVERY GAME. My tip? Go all the way back to the Front Gate and start checking from there.

  • Step 85
    I wrote this walkthrough myself and it took hours to play through the game twice to take all of the screenshots. Please 5 star & "I did this" if you found this How to helpful! I think this is what you wanted Is this helpful...

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