What if you have been paying child support and you find out the child is not yours 18 years later?

What to do if you find out that for the last 18 years you have been paying child support for a child that is not yours. Can you get that money back?

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Sure you can. Just ask her. She'll be reaching for her checkbook so fast it'll make your head spin. But in case she does not feel your pain, I would have an attorny ask her. I'm sure there are plenty 1st year lawyers that would love to handle that case. Just curious, how in the hell did you find out after all this time? Did you never suspect?

This is why before judges order child support they should order a paternity test.

Conservation: Paying more and getting less.

What If ,  Are you 100% sure this child is not yours ?  What type of relationship do you have with this child , have you been a Father to this child ?  While I understand you not wanting to support a child that you are not the Father of .   After 18 years ,  I can't help but worry about the child learning you are not his/her Father , what psychological affect will/has this had on him/her .  I agree with Fifthbeatle hire an attorney to handle this . Also agree with B.o.B. on paternity testing .  But will add this is only one of a number of reasons why we should be careful whom we make babies with , since the children are the ones that suffer and truly pay the price .

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No I am not 100% not even 50% sure. 4 days after he turned 18 he showed up at my door and said mom says I am your problem now. He is a great and confused young man. I love him with all my heart. someone close to his mother has been saying that he is not mine. Bioly. I have been paying $551.00 for the last 16 1/2 years and she is still getting money for the two years we were toghther. sucky lawyer. I have to ask what kind of mother does this after all these years. Understand me now? I still owe $8,000 This is money that can and never was spent on him but was and is spent on his two younger bros and there no working dad. Feel that pain? I Know just another statistic and I thought it would never happen to me. That was some 18 years ago. Ha Ha Ha I Guess.

Hi What If ,  Thanks for your reply .  You are right in questioning what type of Mother can and does do such a thing to her child . Also right that you should not support her , her husband and their 2 children .  I would hire an attorney and let them handle this , perhaps request a paternity test .  I am glad to hear that you love this boy and will continue in his life , regardless to the outcome of this with his Mother .  After living in the conditions you have described , this boy needs a strong positive male presence in his life  , which you have and can give him .  I wish you both the best .

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What if the child support you do owe, is the amount that some one else owes? That they have you mixed up with another person. Can you sue the government?

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