What Did Paula Deen Expect?

 What do you think would have been an appropriate response?

What Did Paula Deen Expect?AP

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I don't like that she hid her diagnosis from her viewers and from the Food Network until she got a deal promoting medication, and she continued to showcase her heart-attack-inducing recipes. 

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Compassion would be my first guess. What the heck is wrong with people? She is a great person and a fantastic cook, she is also a business person, who are we she needs to tells us her condition at all? If I could get a deal then I would do it also.  You forget this is how she was raised to eat, and so many others also. I really think it's just jealousy.

I like the food she makes but it ain't healthy, thats why shes sick!

This is one woman I can not stand.  She is everywhere and she is just a greasy old Southern cook who somehow has won the hearts and minds of too many.

I can not pull up the video so do not know exactly what she said but if it had to do with diabetes this womans cooking will not do you any favors if you are diabetic.

Lady Darko

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