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Is Patriot-Angels legit?


My Dad, a Navy WWII veteran really needs some help. Patriot-angels sent him a pamphlet saying they can get him some money each month for my Mom's nursing home stay. Are these people legit?

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I Googled and rooted around.

WOT does not rate this. There is a question mark by the rating.

It appears, from examination of their website, to be a group of lawyers. I will let readers draw their own conclusions.

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Sounds like a scam.
Check w/ DSHS.
Anyway they have the right
To claim back against all other gov't benefits.

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Theyare VERY legit! They worked with me for almost a year on completing the tremendous amount of paperwork that is required to obtain Aid and Assistance benefits for veterans. Most of the delay was my fault due to an extensive travel schedule that only let me work on the VA Package in my spare time. BUT, once done and submitted for review by Patriot Angels, they found a number of issues that would probably have caused the VA to reject the application. I fixed them all, sent it into the VA and the application was approved in a months' time. The VA paid me retroactive back 7 months from the date I first applied. And now, my dad gets a check deposited on the first of every month - in addition to his normal Social Security check. THis has been a god-send in helping with his assisted living expenses. I only paid Patriot Angles an initial consulting fee to speak with an attorney and after that, they helped with every step in the process. Well worth the time! People who don't know, shouldn't comment. It always amazes me how people who know the least, know it the loudest!
This is a very real benefit, cannot speak for Patriot Angels, however it sounds like the are doing exacty what we are doing. My company provides the same assistance to veterans and their spouses in obtaining the Aid and Attendance benefit. It should, however be done at NO cost at all. If a veteran goes through the VA for this benefit it can take up to 12 months toget approved. Companies like mine are able to start providing assistance in as little as 4 weeks if all the documentation is gathered appropriately. As Jeff says above, one VA approved they retroactively pay for the care that has been given. It is a wonderful benefit for the veteran and or their spouse
Unfortunately, Patriot Angels aka Angels Consultants, are scam artists. If you need help, go to your local VA office and they will help you. This company takes advantage of Veterans and seniors in distress. They charged me $500 for services I did not receive. They work with a law firm out of Nashville, TN, DO NOT SEND MONEY FOR FORMS. You can download VA forms off the Internet and get help filing your claim for free through the VA.
Victoria answered - Patriot Angels aka Angels Consultants - Okay, The owner of Patriot Angels, Suzette Graham, contacted me regarding my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. She feels she is not responsible for the attorneys fee I paid of $500. She said to call her if I wanted to talk to her. I have called twice, and as usual, she does not return my calls. 1- I trusted her and her advice to pay the $500 so I could receive the VA forms. 2- She if the person who told me I HAD to pay before I could received the forms and the sooner I pay the sooner I would receive the forms. 3- To this day I have not received a response as to why I had to pay the attorney's. I did not need or ask for any legal advice. 4- I am not giving up. If I can save just one other Vet from being scammed I will be happy.
I would like to address the last two posts that were by Victoria. I am Suzette Graham and am very saddened that Victoria feels this way. I have returned her call 3 times and she as well has not answered. To explain- when a client goes to the VA accredited attorneys for a CONSULT (not for forms), EVERYONE SIGNS an agreement with the Attorney PRIOR stating they KNOW they are receiving a consult. This is legal Brett, it became law in 2004. Patriot Angels charges nothing. And yes, you absolutely can download forms from the VA website but you have to know the addendum's it takes to get approved and make sure every i is dotted and t is crossed. Less than 5% of Veterans and their Widows receive the benefit because of the difficulty. Our Attorneys have an impressive record and most clients get the benefit in 3 months or less. Ask Victoria if she got approved for $2,085 monthly in a short amount of time. Victoria I can't imagine why you would be upset and why you would try to persuade others from using us. You should go after the non-profits that really sell Annuities at an average of 8-10% of the clients value. I had a man call me the other day that had been quoted $22,500 by a company that claimed to be non-profit. Our attorneys are VA Accredited and help everyone equally. You certainly can't please everyone!

Sa far as i am concerned they are...It took 5 to 6 months to get done from start to finish...But it got done! There was all kind of paper work that had to be put in order and put in order "right" or it would get kicked back. After it was put in order and sent to the va there was no kick back. It was done right the first time. My mother who is a va widow get her check on a monthly basis every month.


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