Discuss Esteemed Cracker Preacher's answer to: Why do pathetic cowards attack PGroot? ANONYMOUS just does not cut it.

PGroot is a HERO here.  Putting up with the abuse.

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Yechielshlipshon Answered:

Dear Brain Dead Elden;

Howdy! I think A's problem is that his thinking stick is stucked in abusive mood. I do not pay any attentioin to it, as I have more important matters to concern myself with, than trying to deal with an abusive fool on line

I find it more enjoyable to help people, than to worry about someone who refuses to be decent, as the A's on line do. Also, my main hobby is

Also, my main hobby is to see people benefit from positive interaction,,

Julius Watler


Life is to short to let fools you do not have to deal with bother you.

Have a good day, and welcome to AOLA.



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