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Why did Pastor hal Lindsey divorce his wife Kim?

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None your your business why he divorced his wife Kim. But if you really want to know just ask Kim.Also remember that there are 2 sides to every story.

seems to me he has ignored Jesus' thoughts on divorce; and marriage as a sacred and eternal covenant...only chooses what he wishes to believe...

Hall, like Kim, like me, you and everybody else in this world are sinners.

If you know Christianity, If you are a Christian, you KNOW that we make sins on a daily base...

We are NOT capable to live a perfect life, like Jesus.

Therefor, God sacrificed His Son, so are sins are forgiven.

Hall as a news caster, pastor or what so ever...

He is a human being, who will sin on a daily base...


However God told us not to undo what God brought together...

We as humans received our own will from God.

We can make our own decision,

It is allowed to divorce, when your spouse is not loyal in your marriage.

Loyal according the law of God!

Who knows why Hall divorced Kim, or Kim divorced Hall,

it's their private issue in between them and God,

Hall, Kim, me you everybody will be judged on our knowledge and what we do with it!

Bless the children of Israel,

Pray for forgiveness,

Thank the Lord for His sacrifice,

Find a Christian group to celebrate, 

and learn from the Bible,

and be aware of His time.


Find answers in God and Jesus,

NOT if a divorce was good or not.



i dont think God looks on divorce as a sin.....remember many that are married have done it without Gods permission...HE wasnt involved in when they took the vows.....and maybe they didnt get married in church......many marry the wrong people cause they (we) just go after our own lust and dont listen to Jesus (i.e. when you are not living as a christian-unsaved) And then, if the husband turns out to be a psycho(or wife) and life just turns out to be hell, ps1 there is no cure for real pscho s , and nobody knows how it is to live with one if they havnt tried it...AND i am abs. sure that GOD doesnt want us to stay in a abusive relationship, the best thing is to get out as fast as possible (unfortunately too many stay in it too long) ! so...there are many reasons(good reasons) for a divorce......even people who start off as good christians, can end up the worst, you never know!!!!

Divorce is not the unpardonable sin!!!!!!! God hates divorce but there are certain occasions when it becomes necessary. Believers who have a good marriage should not stand in judgement of those who have had the misfortune of having a divorce. Jesus died for our sins and divorce happens to be a sin among many sins. Sin is sin no matter how small or great some think it may be, it is it is forgivable! Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the only sin that is unforgivable. Divorce is not something anyone wants to go through or consider carelessly because it is devastating! For a Christian to make that choice there would have to really be a condition which is intolarable! Very often abuse is involved in someway. I believe anyone who expects an individual to endure those conditions would be accountable for the death of an individual, who would be forced into remaining in such a relationship has to answer to God! Some believe prayer changes things, God will not violate the free will of an individual to make those changes. Thank you Jesus that we can repent and go on with our lives.

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