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Ordained pastor looking for church in florida my home

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Grab a bible start teaching the bible only in your own home and see if more than one person comes the next week. Ordination is by God Preaching the truth is a gift of God. Just preach the truth and those that hear and have ears will come.

America!! we had better pray to God for guidance on the future choices we make we are going down the broad path to destruction.

Dear Joseph,

What religion and/or denomination is your Ordination associated with?  Have you contacted the appropriate authorities to let them know that you wish to work as a pastor in Florida?

Assuming that you either have an orthodox type of ordination in an ordinary type of religion and/or denomination, going through appropriate channels is usually the best way to get what you want.

However, if you have an Ordination from a little known religion and/or sect with few resources you may have to promote your own ministry.  Many people have done exactly that in these United States.  Some have been quite successful and have developed a rather large following.  Others have not attracted more than just a few interested "parishioners."  Either type of ministry or even something inbetween these two extremes can be very satisfying.  You can certainly do good in the world as a Pastor with any size congregation. 

What do you personally aspire to as a Pastor of a church?  Are you willing to start out small and work at another job to pay your bills?

I may be able to help you more if you are willing to tell me more about your situation.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Dr. Marcia L. Pickands

Sangreal Sodality

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