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America has learned the severest form of austerity under Obama.  We will not have prosperity again until he is out of office permanently and his failed cabinet with him.

Lois Lerner, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt organizations office, said at a hearing into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups on Wednesday, May 22 that she has done nothing wrong but declined to answer lawmakers' questions, invoked her constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Video: AP) So it always has been with the Democrat political machine.
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Rocmike aka American Patriot, where were you those 2 days none of your aliases were on line? You are back at full strength now though. After starting off with Mike Dudley you followed that with American Patriot, anonymous, a few minor alias and for the last 5 hours and still posting Bernard McCaunaghy. Rocmike I see you just switched over to your alias Renner. GET A LIFE.

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