Should parents give gifts to adult children?

When do you stop giving your kids gifts?

When do they stop expecting a gift from their parents?

Should parents give gifts to adult children?Patrick Norman/Corbis



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I'm not an expert on this kind of etiquette, but, from what I've seen of observing relatives, is that you give a gift to whoever you care about, and feel like deserves it. Normally kids are included, adults or no, if they live close by. But I think it's rude to expect a gift from anyone after you move out.

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As a parent if you love your children no matter what their age you give gift fir them especially during Christmas because it is the best way to show your care and love to your children.

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I can't imagine not recognizing my children with a Christmas-birthday- or a just because I was thinking of you gift. Just because my children, (FYI- I have 3. the ages are 23, 19, and 13), turn 18 or whatever age you consider being an adult is, does not mean they are off my Christmas list. We buy people we work with, or family members that are adults gifts. I just think that sounds so selfish. I can understand ,on Christmas, telling Santa he doesn't have to stop by on Christmas eve anymore if all the kids are However, I will always get my kids a present or 2 for Christmas, and birthdays etc...     


you should if you care because sometimes it can help emotionaly and bost their egale a bit in life but only if you can afford it but most of all i love u works best

As long as the giver wants to give. They should be allowed to follow their own heart's desire.

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We have always believed that the Holiday was for the Children, and each other, when they reached an age of young teen they where taught to give is better than receive...


Now with Jimmy's family even with our situation, we still are family, we have a "Secret Santa"..


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they should gifts them of their choice and should ask about their requirements 

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