Should parents force their children to interact with others?

Should parents force their children to interact with, have relationships with and befriend people?

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should parents force their children to interact with?

There are so many possibilities about that question,but in my own opinion, sometime, parents used to force their children, in some situation like a party in your house, and u seem like you do not want to mingle or join the visitors,or you are a silent person,that you do not usually enjoy some parties. It is based on your ability and likes,so in that situation, they will try to force you to interact people. but for us,as a child and towards our role to our parents, they are just trying to help us in public relations, because they have the view to help us encourage of dealing with others. this might be a hard thing for some person who is not totally expose with others, but this is the process of making us an idea of how friendly we are, or were just a self world person.

My advice is,just mingle with others, there is no such no man in an island, for short, we should try our self to have,even a little public relations. 

Hope you will have some clarifications with you question.



as opposed to encouraging them to be hermits?


What exactly is it that you want to know?


Teaching children how to interact with others and to deal with society as a whole is a parental responsibility.


If you can clarify this a bit, I am sure that someone will give you some god advice.

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

this Is child generally happy? Does she enjoy being around her family? Not everyone is a group person or needs a lot of friends. You can be perfectly happy without being a "social". Encouragement is OK, but don't force the child!Talk with him or her to see if there is anything going on that would prevent interaction. Could be they're just shy, or maybe they just don't want interaction.

I'm not sure what kind of situation you have. Is your child staying in their room all day playing video games (or whatever) with no social life, or are you talking about social occasions like parties or family gatherings where they seem hesitant to interact? You also didn't say how old they are.

Either way I don't  think it should forced, but gently encouraged. For the first instance, you should try to involve them in activities such as sports, scouting, church or clubs that support their interests, but only after discussing it with them. (Don't just sign them up for stuff).   It's best to start this young, if you wait until they're a teen it will be much more difficult. This is important, because many employers are complaining about younger workers' lack of social ability due to all the solitary electronic media they've been raised on.

For the latter case (parties, etc.) the encouragement should be behind the scenes prior to the event, and not where other people can hear. It's really embarrassing when a parent says in front of everyone, "Why don't you go say hi to Johnny over there." That's the best way to get them to withdraw. The kid needs to feel a certain degree of spontaneity and that the action is coming from within. It's OK to bring people together, but you shouldn't try to force them to interact.

It depends on the situation if you are talking about a shy kid, to me that's different than if you are talking about managing their friendships.   I am guilty of being one of those people who wants everyone to "get along" and there are times when I have had to force myself to not get in my kids way in regard to their friendships.  For example, my son does not, in general make friends, but in fourth grade he made a friend with a nice kid who when he was at our home was friendly, polite and outgoing.  Problem is, this boy brought a knife to school one day, and was suspended.  His mother then moved away so he went to a completely different school but he would still call and want to talk to my son, who now wanted nothing to do with him.  Which while most people would breathe a sigh of relief, made me unhappy.  It wasn't like they were going to go hang out together, and I felt bad because the kid just made a mistake and was probably very lonely in his new school. So I didn't see the harm in a phone call every once in a while, but I had to learn to trust him.  My daughter is even worse for bringing out my get along tendencies, but I have learned that even as young as 8 or 9, she had what it takes to navigate friendships well.  She'll give anyone a chance or two, but if you are mean to her too many times you're gone.  Its a hard thing to learn to do, but they might surprise you.

I was very interested to hear some of your answers. We have a 13 yr old daughter that is very introverted. PLEASE try to learn about introvertness. It is not something that has to be changed it is something that needs to be recognized and accepted. In brief... introverted people do not get hyped and excited by going out and being with a group of people. It wears them out, makes them tired. Introverts need alone time. A space where it is quiet and they can "recharge" their batteries.

Forcing an introverted child to do social things only causes grief. Maybe, by the time they get home from school they need to "recharge" for an hour. Then they are good to go. But don't expect long periods of time in a social situation.

I will be happy if I can get through to just one person how extremely hard it is to get extroverted people to understand an introverts life. Please learn all you can about this personality type before forcing a child to do anything.

no, we are humans not show dogs who befrind everyone. we live in our OWN lives, not our parents/ though parent should have SOME control over how social you are they do NOT own you, yet we are us, the parents in our lives need to understand that we rebel because we can't find another way to express ourselves! all i'm saying is PaRENTS: open up and LISTEN to your kids ideals

KIDS/TEENS/TWEENS: listen to your parents side of the story to and if you dont agree, never yell simply tell thiem calmly how you dissagree

Not enough information is given for a definitive answer but I'll say something about it.  Sometimes children or adults for that matter shy away from interacting with people they don't know really well.  I think it's important to push our children a bit (notice I said "a bit") out of their comfort zone.  When we are out in public and introduce our children to people, they have been taught to shake hands, say hello, and make eye contact.  When we have people over to the house, they can't disappear up in their room but must spend an appropriate amount of time downstairs so they can be exposed to providing hospitality to others.  My children have developed wonderful people skills as they've gotten older.  With time and maturity they'll get better and better at it.  Don't let them off the hook unless there's some sort of mental disability.  We must instruct our children that part of growing up means learning to do things because they're the right things to do even if it's not always easy.

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