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Well I'm pregnant with my first child,its a girl ...

Well I'm pregnant with my first child,its a girl and im due December 18,2009. The dad doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby. I have met someone since then and he wants to be there for both of us. What should i do if the dad comes back in a few years and wants to be there for us? Kind of scared!

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"DO NOT" put the fathers name on the birth certificate!!! Give the baby "your" last name.  If you don't want his parents coming after the baby for visitation rights then don't mention the father. It will give them proof. I know of families who wish they did this.

wow! im pregnant with my first child a girl and shes due dec. 17 2009, so congrats to you too. we have a bit more in common, we both want to protect the little babies inside from the fathers. (my baby daddy threatens to take my baby away from me,because we dont get along and he wants me to suffer).

 elden said what i would have. do not put the fathers name on the birth certificate, im doing the same thing. that way he will have to go out of his way for visitation and pay money, then pay more money once that happens for backed up child support.and if he wanted his name as the father on any legal documents he would have to pay for them as well.make it difficult for him so he wouldn't bother. also, i dont think any court judge will give him any sympathy having want nothing to do with the baby, then comming in the picture years later.i dont think he will have a chance.if ever he does get visitation, make sure it is supervised. i did some research since i have been pregnant to know my rights as well as the rights of the father. its comforting to know that in all 50 states an unmarried mother gets sole custody of her children, and fathers have to get visitation. i hope all works out  good for you and im happy to hear you have another man in your life who wants to take care of you and your new baby. at least he would be a good father figure unlike the jerk who wants nothing to do with your baby.you and your baby deserve the best. try not to stress out too much for you and your baby sake.

Please begin by consulting an attorney. Simply not putting his name on the birth certificate is NOT enough of a plan, and doing so could backfire on you somewhere down the line.

You need to speak to an experienced Family Law attorney who can advise you of your rights and responsibilities as well as those of the birth father.

Do NOT assume that the birth father will be unable to make any progress should he choose to take legal action. I worked in Family Law for over 10 years and we handled several cases where the father was awarded custody and/or visitation.

Again, do not wait until after the baby is born to look into this. Seek legal advice NOW.

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Forget about that loser. Go with the guy who cares for you, however dont let your child father get away with this behaviour. Make him pay for his action, get child support from him, because if you dont he will do the same thing to someone else. Ask for child support, and also let him to be present in your child life, because no one else can be daddy for your child exept her own father.

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