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What do I do when my son is a pathological liar and tells everyone he is violently beaten?

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Give him to Department of Children and Families and save yourself a child abuser title.  And all the money making scams they can pull on the Federal Government.

sit down with your son and tell him the ramifications of what will happen if someone believes him and reports it.  Ask him if he likes his family, if he likes his friends, and his stuff he has at the house.  If he says yes, then tell him that if he keeps doing it, all that may be taken away from him.  Also, he may be looking for attention...

Man... you give him a phone, tell him "if we beat you so bad(hand him a phone) then call child services right now!" Your kid might not say nothing.. then tell him that if he keeps on saying it, then hes going to wish he had that phone. and if he decides to have balls enough to pick that phone, tell him, " Make that call!, cause I know it takes 20 minutes until anybody shows up, and thats more then enough time to REALLY give you a reason to tell everybody I hit you. (dont really hit him) but really. I see this all the time in my area.. its all on the parents... maybe your not communticating in a motherly/father way... go see a therapist I presume? grow some balls.. sheesh!

Please set an appointment with him for counseling! pathological liars don't come out of no where. There is a reason behind it... and you need to find the reason before you can treat the problem. I'm not saying there is something wrong with what your doing, there might be a mental health issue that needs to be dealt with though.

Stop beating him. 

my son was just like this as well but the deal with him was he would start throwing stuff and punching holes in the walls and himself to make it look as if he were indeed beaten!  I dealt with his crap and believe me I have 6 kids and he is the only one like this now he is out of school and I flat out warned him now if you pull this crap you are out of here and well he is now gone and begging me to let him come back I refuse to even hear him!  I love my son but I am done. 

How much IS he actually beaten? I ask this because you use the word "violently". 

I would talk to a clergyman or counselor that could later back me up with CPS if they ever decide to believe him. (CPS can be weird. You never know what they'll choose to believe.) Take him to a counselor or clergyman. Make sure that professionals have looked into this and that you've sought help with his problem before someone turns you into CPS and your child gets taken away because he's too ignorant to know the consequences of his actions. Get him help, and if you can't help him, make sure you have a record of trying. 

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