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How can I get my 3 year old to take medicine? It's an awful ordeal and lately she has been making herself throw up!

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I am a person who believes that our bodies are designed to heal itself and prefer to take a wholistic approach to healing rather than resort to medication as a primary option.  I also believe that children may be more in tune with their bodies than we adults are.  Unless your 3 year old has some life-altering illness that requires immediate medical intervention, it may be best to allow the illness to run its course providing that the child is eating, drinking and resting properly.  A flu normally takes 10 days for the immune system to cleanse it out of the body.  In the meantime, good hydration, diet and sleep will help to keep the immune system in good working order.  Probiotics would be even better, rather than a medication that tastes terrible.  If it is essential to give your child medication, then a gentler approach may help.  YOu may want to pretend that you are tasting it yourself and make funny faces to get your child to laugh. As the song says, "a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down". :)

Well there is one way you may want to try if the medicine is in a liquid form. I saw something similar on Television where a mother was having the very same problem. Her young daughter devised a way to make her younger sibling take her medications by making Jello shooters with the liquid medication added into the mixture. IN that way the child believes you are giving them a treat and it makes it fun for them. It is something you may want to experiment with. I tried to google it but it didn't come up. In any case it is a thought. Good luck!  

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