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Parental nudity

Is it OK for a child (1-5 year old) to see her father naked?

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5 and under isn't a bad age, they don't really have modesty standards yet.  It isn't abusive even though it may be considered to be bad taste.  5+ is when you really want to worry about it.

I am not a female, nor a daughter, so I don't know how much  my advice could be beneficial, but when I was around that age, I saw my dad exposed. This has multiple outcomes. For example, a child may realize the authenticity and genuineness of the father as opposed to the above comments, "laziness, selfishness". However, this may also show your daughter and impose on her that being naked is acceptable in society. All in all, if you could avoid the situation, do it... but when you can't, i can't see it having that drastic outcomes.

Why take the chance if it could do irrepairable damage to a young mind? 

I see no reason for it...only selfishness, laziness, and inconsideration on the part of the father.  Children deserve respect if you expect them TO respect.  If you wouldn't do it in front of the general public, why do it in front of your child...whom you should be more concerned about out of love...than anyone else?

That's my opinion.

Faye Kiss

"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."

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