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is this product packaged for sale at supermarketsfor general consumer purchase/use Papa's Perfect Seasoning (salt free) - if not canyou suggest any other salt free seasonings sold

You can get this seasoning from call them the smallest they will deliver is 2000 packets for $40.00 they take credit cards must order by phone at this time. I am waiting on my first delivery now. My mother absolutely loves it.

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This stuff is incredible!!  I had it while in the hospital and it really made the food tolerable...those are packets u ordered I presume?  Going to order mine as soon as I can get together the money....I HAVE to have a salt free diet and this spice is perfect...I agree totally w/ur mother....

Florence Watson

Is this sold in the markets and in smaller amounts and less expensive?  I cannot afford $40.00 on my small social security check.


I just had a horrible experience with this product and my mother who is allergic to red pepper.  Mom was in the Cardiac unit of our local hospital and was given this with her lunch I checked to see what spices were listed to make sure that wasn't on it.  So we used it and within two bites my mother who had just had a heart procedure done was choking and her throat was closing.  I shook some of the spice out in my hand and it burnt my tounge, so I called the company to find out if they used any forms of red pepper to get the run around, while my mother is being attended to by the staff at the hospital.  The gentleman that I spoke to told me i was crazy and she couldn't have this allergy as it was not a normal one.  Well I am sorry she does have it and I do know my peppers and this had cayanne pepper in it and it caused my mother a severe allergic reaction which was unnessecary!!!!!  Needless to say we will not be using it again!!


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