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Pandora look alike jewelry

can you buy pandora look alike charms that really do look authentic, and what is the difference (besides price)?

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Yes, you sure can. I recently went to a stitches and craft fair and there were heaps of them there. While I was there, I bought a little handbag charm for $2 and I was just looking at the pandora website and there was the exact same charm for $46!! Now that's a good find!

The average price range for the glass beads was $1 and for the silver $2, where as with the real ones, the price range for them starts at around $42 minimum.

you can also find Pandora replicas complete bracelets at silveronly.com

Some people I talked to were buying Pandora knockoffs, opening the bracelets, and adding the beads to their real Pandoras, to fill them out (like on silveronly.com)

The best place for Pandora look alike wholesale is www.charms655.com, I found the best prices there, they are located in the Merchandize Mart in Miami their name is Charm's

The best place to buy Pandoara Look alike is charms655.com, they are located at the Miami Merchandize Mart, great place for jewelry and pashmina

The internet is full of sites that sell Pandora knock-offs. While these charms sometimes look a little like Pandora charms, the designs are often crude and rough. When worn on a Pandora bracelet with real Pandora charms, they tend to stand out as fakes. You should also be warned that if you do wear fake Pandora on a real Pandora bracelet, you will void your Pandora warranty. Many of these sites claim their charms are compatible with Pandora bracelets but they will often get stuck on the threaded parts of a real Pandora bracelet.  While we all love a good knock-off when we can get away with it, it can be embarrassing when are fakes are spotted for what they really are. Check out the real thing on Pandora.net and see the difference for yourself!

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