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Sorry, I don't have an answer, but like to share.

I have the same one! A friend of mine who was in the service brought it back from the Philippines in 1970. I did not know that they sold in the US. Where did you get yours from? I restored mine. Here it is.

BobPanasonic model # SE-9000HGPanasonic model # SE-9000HG

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Timothy Buchanan

I am about to start restoring my fathers SE-9000HG this summer.  He brought it back from overseas as well.  You seem to have done a wonderful job.  I have some experience with hi-fi repair but have never gotten into a solid state console before.  Suggestions, pictures, or tips you could offer?  Do you by chance have a service manual?

Brandon Smith

If either of you know of anyone who wants one, I have one for sale in Maine.  Great condition, works well.  Comes with a dozen tapes, including Johnny Cash

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