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painting signed "c freeman" anyone know who this artist might be.....it is a landscape......Patti

I have a C FREEMAN capital letters, I had it appraised at 200 to 300 hundred.  It is a landscape, the a lake in the back and a small waterfall into a pond in front with a dirt path going back into the trees on the right and a yellow/pink sky.  It is 3 feet by 2 1/2 feet.  There is a C. Freeman that is famous but mine it not. What does your's look like? Pamela

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I have a "C FREEMAN" landscape as well. Was told he is a Northern Cal artist but couldn't locate him. Did you get more info?

Joe Boyd

I have two C. Freeman landscapes that I found many years apart. My favorite paintings are realistic landscapes and this artists paintings seem to attract my attention. The first one I bought in Miami and the second in Nashville. The first from 1990s is landscape with a stream and hills in the background. It has a mother and daughter by the stream in the distance in1800's attire. The second is a landscape with a stream and hills in the background, this one signed in block letters. I have looked for years to find out who this artist is and your blog is the closest that I have come. Both of these paintings are clearly by the same artist. I have no idea who the artist is but the paintings are beautiful.


I have the exact same painting by C. Freeman. It has the lake in the background with a little waterfall and water in the front..  signed in white letters,  C. Freeman.  I bought mine about 10 years ago at the Sacramento County Fair.  I believe I paid $125 for it but I'd have to take it off the wall and look in the back to be sure.  I've heard he is a local artist (Northern California) but I cannot swear to that.


Hello I got a cfreeman canvas some green grapes and peaches and glass of wine and is signed by c Freeman if u have any information please

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