I have a painting signed buy R. Batchelder, Looks ...

I have a painting signed buy R. Batchelder, Looks like its on canvas, its a old farm house with bridge in front , and a team of horses going over bridge, If you have any imformation on him, or painting , would like to know,  At peasrmissy2000@yahoo.com

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I also have a similar painting with simlar conditions. A farm house and a barn with a sile overlooking a small pond. I Have been unable to locate any information either. If you find out anything, or I do , I will respond back to you. Good luck

Hello, What you have is a wonderful vintage "hand print" on linen by the Kay Dee Company of Hope Valley, Rhode Island.  It is most likely about 35-40 years old and a lovely colectable but has no real monetary value.  The Kay Dee Company is still in business today.  They make linen kitchen towels and at one point printed a few of their designs on linen to frame.  I collect the covered bridges, mills and barnes by the same artist you mentioned.  All of mine are done in Red, Black and Tan tones and get a lot of attention and positive comments from my friends.  They blend so well with country decor.  Ebay normally has a variety of Kay Dee prints listed if you are interested in seeing more of the vintage framed prints.  Many of mine came from Ebay.  Hope this helps and enjoy your vintage print.

I also have a print by R. Batchelder done on Linen. However mine is of a waterfront scene: a dock on a canal with a building that has a small sign on it the reads "Fresh Lobsters" there are sail boats tied to the dock and some at anchor with one in full sail.

Thank you for your reply to the original question. I am going to explore some more on Ebay.

 ok ty, do you know anything about Richard  Batchler the painter

I have four of these linen prints, all signed R. Batchelder.  These are also in the autumn colors. All framed from Kay Dee.   What is the going price on these prints?


I have four of these prints signed by R. Batchelder, framed and purchased from Kay Dee and in the autumn motif.  Can you give me some idea of what is the going rate for these linen prints.

i have one painting by richard batchelden of a fisherman area and a dock


I have a painting by R. Batchelder on looks like burlap actually of Motif #1 in Rockport, Ma.

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