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How do you find a painter from their signature, when signiture is unreadable?

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How do you pronounce Guy de Maupassant?qt=t

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nardozzi the artist?

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who is .jlgteppi,i have a framed print signed by him or it could be J.L.G.Teppib

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A contemporary of Picasso, Died in powerty after painting his most famous painting. His pregnant wife commited suicide the same day and left an infant daughter behind. He said of her: when I know ...

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I'm looking for examples of the works of an Amercian painter who did cartoon style mechanical drawings, wheels, cogs, pipes, string etc. If actually assembled these depictions would actually function ...

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why isn't corel painter in my program files, and how can I get it there? I have already downloaded it.

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the cornfield by john constable bone china plate, its over 60 years old. has it any value