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I am looking for a reasonably priced horse, what are fair prices for a good tempered Paint or QH? thanks. Also, could somebody tell me a cheap breed that a child can ride western? On a search for ...

First of all, I hope u realize it's not the initial cost of the horse. Are you aware of yearly shots, deworming regularly, Hoof trims and shoes every two months and all around good health care for 2 horses? Start with a visit to one or two equine vets. Let them know what u are looking for. And whatever horse(s) you decide on.., take this advice. You want YOUR vet to do a pre purchase exam. This is very important. U will not be able to see if maybe the horse has been given pain meds or lite sedation. Unscrupulous sellers do this to make a horse appear to be sound or very calm or what they call " bomb proof". I don't know how much or if you've any experience so please learn from other owners mistakes. It will make the money spent on the vet worth while. I have seen it happen time and again. A seller who is very convincing sells a lame, sick or aged animal to someone and they seem so nice and knowledgeable. The trusting buyer can end up with huge vet bills, an unrideable horse and a sad family who now has to figure out what to do with it. Research some horse recues in your area. Look up reviews on them. Again establish a client relationship with a vet or two and compare fees. And there are plenty of sites on here to research. Good Luck and contact me if u need more help.

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